Requirements to develop 3D games! 3D Game Engines

Selection of 3D Game Engines is very important while developing a 3D game using different art styles. Technology is enhancing day by day, so are the industries that our using these technology. Back in early days there was no one who wanted to be a game developer. There were a lot of limitations for game developers. As the time passed many new inventions took place. New innovations took place and everything became simpler easier and enhanced. Back there it was hard to create a single object moving on the screen. Now play store overflowing with the games that published on daily basis. But making games isn’t just choosing the right tools for the job; it involves great understanding of many areas, such as math, physics, history, design, etc.

Requirements to develop 3D games! 3D Game Engines

What is meant by 3D games?

There are a lot of game modes that are being developed now days, 3D is one of them. 3D game refers to game in which the game-play consists of 3 dimensions that are x, y and z, which means that the player and environment are in 3 dimensions. Every object to be used in the game will be a 3D model. In 3D game there are no limitations of characters and models, you can use a variety of objects to make your environment more beautiful and attractive by using 3D Game Engines . The major thing in any game is the environment in which the game will be played.

Who should be in your team for developing a 3D game.

In addition to 3D Game Engines, Game developing Team is also very important. Game development is not that easy as it is to play a game, it requires a lot of hard work and different people who merge their expertise to reach to the end product. Developer is not the only resource that is responsible to develop a game. A whole bunch of people work together to get to the end product. If you are planning to develop a game, a game designer should be there in your team who can design a game for you. Story writing is the core element of any game. If there is a story, your game will be more interesting. Your games progression will be in a systematic manner. How should your games economy work, game progression level designing all are the parts for the game designer.

Requirements to develop 3D games! 3D Game Engines

Environment designer

Then there comes the Environment designer who is responsible to develop an environment in context of the story of the game. Different models will be created by the 3D modeler to be used in the environment. Environment designing is a total separate field that requires different expertise to make sure that your environment looks good.

Graphic designer

A graphic designer is also an important part of your team. The role of graphic designer is to design the UI of the game. The first thing a user sees is the user interface of the game. The better the graphic designer the better the user experience.  Sound engineers should also be the part of your team to develop sounds or music for the game.

Game Tester and Marketing Team

The game when developed then there comes the work of game tester and the marketing team. The duty of game tester is to test and remove the bugs in the game firmly before going into the hands of users. Marketing team is important to market your games idea so that people should be aware of your game, without marketing team your game will go nowhere.

Different 3D Game Engines

Different 3D Game engines used to develop games some of the popular game engines are as follows

  • Unity engine
  • Unreal engine
  • Cry engine

These 3D Game Engines are all free to download all of these have different specifications and features. The most commonly used engine is unity which is a multipurpose engine used for 2D, 3D and VR development. Due to its simplicity and advanced features this engine has gained the attention of most of the developers.

Requirements to develop 3D games! 3D Game Engines

Our Achievements in 3D Gaming

We have developed a no of 2D games using unity engine and corona

  • Zombie Doom
    • The City is under attacked by zombies. Kill them and save the city.
  • Train Destruction
    • Destroy the vehicles in the city while driving the train. The more you destroy the more you score.
  • Storm Destruction
    • Compete with AI players and destroy the city with your storm. More destruction will give you more score and your storm will be stronger than before.
  •  Maze Runner
    • Run through the maze collect cool pickup items and reach the final door to unlock next maze.
  • Death Rally
    • You are competing with AI players defeat them or kill them with your weapons installed in your car.

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