A Sad Prince With His Effective Mood And A Frog

A Sad Prince With His Effective Mood And A Frog
A Sad Prince With His Effective Mood And A Frog

Once upon a time there was a kingdom. Where a prince was living with his parents. He used to stay sad all the time. That is why people called him A Sad Prince. There was some reasons behind his sadness. His parents always fulfilled his dreams that he got tired of having everything. He wants something new. His parents gave him all of the things they could give. But he was an angry prince. He always used to say that I don’t want the worldly things. I want something new.

The problem was when the prince get angry. His mood effects on the weather of his kingdom. Like when he get sad. The weather turns dry and so warm that people even couldn’t get out. And when he get happy. The weather turns so beautiful. That everybody used to enjoy. The flowers starts blooming. And the clouds starts raining.

A Sad Prince With His Effective Mood And A Frog

His parents and his kingdom was depending on his mood. And they all were very worried about this. That how can they make him happy always. So they can live easily and happily.

A sad prince saw a Frog

One day, the prince was walking on his garden when the sad prince saw frog near the fountain. He called his servants and ordered them to catch it and give it to him. He took interest in the frog because the frog was different that other ones. The frog was looking at him and the prince felt the frog said something to him. The prince get wondered. When he gone in his room after a while his servants came. They gave him that frog. His mood turns happy again and the warm and sunny weather turns into the cloudy and rainy. And that it how his kingdom used to know about their prince’s mood. That now he is happy.

He said to his servants that close the door so he want to spend his time alone with the frog. After that he talked to the frog, “I know you can talk. Now talk to me. Because if you will not talk I will order my servants to kill you.”
The frog replied, “Yes my majesty! I can talk. But I was afraid if I will say something bad then you will kill me. And the you will get angry. And when you get angry your kingdom turns warm and sunny that people can’t live easily. The prince said, “I am happy you can talk. You are the first thing I found something new. Yes I know my mood effects on the kingdom. But I can not do anything for that. This is not in my hand to change my mood.

“You luckiest one”

The frog replied, “My majesty, I can understand you. But let me ask you one thing. If i Will say something to make you realize that you are the most luckiest one. Then i hope you will not get angry at me.” The sad prince replied, “No i will not get angry in the case if you promise me to stay here with me. Because I like talking to you. You make me happy.” The frog replied, “You are my prince so this is your order. How can I disobeyed you.”

A Sad Prince With His Effective Mood And A Frog

The prince get happy and said, “Now you can tell what you want to say. I will not get angry on you.”
The frog said, “My majesty, This is all in your head that you think you are not happy from everything. This is all about the perception as you see the world. Let me explain you this. There is boy who has no clothes to wear. When first time he get clothes. He get happy so much that the only one pair of clothes make him happy. And then there’s a guy who has everything. Now he want something new. Everything makes him tired and nothing makes him happy because he already have everything. Now tell me why is this? This is because of there different perceptions. The both boys see the world with different perceptions. And this is why one got happy and one got angry.”

The prince started thinking about this. And he realized perhaps the frog is right. Perhaps its all about the perception. He should change his perception. And should be grateful for that everything he have.
And then he decided to not get angry on little things. He will be grateful for everything God gave him. Because he realized there’s so many people who can not get the proper food even. He ordered to his servants for the celebrations all over his kingdom and spread food and clothes to the poor ones. And then they all started living happily!

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