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Womens Day

Women’s Day 2020 And Women March

Role of Women: All through records, the important function of women in society has ensured the steadiness, development and long-time...
What is FORGERY Types of FORGERY

What is FORGERY? Types of FORGERY

What is Forgery Forgery is the wrongdoing of Falsely making statements or changing a composition by which...
Doctor Abdus Salam

Doctor Abdus Salam | Nobel Prize Winner

“Scientific thoughts and its creation are the common and shared heritage of mankind” Doctor Abdus Salam
How to write an application

How to write an application?

Introduction: Write an application is confronting academic task which is needed not only suitable templates but also appropriate tone. Most of...
How to write an essay

How to write an essay?

Introduction: Essay writing is one of the competing task in today’s life. Every field of educational system demands perfection in writing...
How to write report?

How to write report?

Report Writing: Report concentrates on the facts of subject matter. It should be brief, sharp and concise which presents the...
How to write a letter?

How to write a letter?

Steps to write a letter:  Writing a letter through proper way is a great challenge for writer but if...
how to write letrature review

How to write literature review?

Importance of Literature Review: Literature reviews are mostly part of academic and formal writings. Due to its uniqueness and validity it...
How to write an Article?

How to write an Article?

How to write an Article? Article is the content interact the reader through writing. In other words a writer writes to...
How to write a research paper?

How to write a research paper?

How to write a research paper? ...