Friday, September 25, 2020
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Motorway Rape case

12 Suspects arrested in the Motorway rape case

Motorway rape case Motorway rape case! occur on gujjanpura motorway. 12 Suspects had been arrested in motorway rape case...
Corona cripples world's working as a man wear a mask

Corona cripples world’s working

Corona cripples world's working is happening to mainly to older age. The global machine has paralyzed as the novel infection has killed...

Wing commander Nauman Akram Shaheed

Wing commander Nauman Akram Shaheed

Coronavirus become threat around the world

Coronavirus becomes a threat around the world. A coronavirus is a form of the virus. There are many different types and a...

Coronavirus in Pakistan

What Is Wuhan Coronavirus? Wuhan Coronavirus is a circle of relatives of viruses regarded for containing lines that...
surprise day

Abhi Nandan! Surprise Day for India

27 FEB- 2019, Surprise day for India was Indian air pressure pilot Abhi Nandan varthaman captured via Pakistani forces on Wednesday and...


Pakistan super league (Urdu: پاکستان سپر لیگ‎; PSL) is a professional twenty cricket league, based in Lahore on 9 September 2015 with...
Strongest Army

Top Ten Strongest Armies In World

Strongest Armies in the military power of every country declares its power in the world. Every country has its own strategy and...
Marks and Spencer

Retail Company: Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer is a retailer company of Britain whose headquarters are in Westminster, London. It is one of the top selling...
Consumption of tobacco and its impact

Consumption of Tobacco and its impacts

Consumption of Tobacco and its impacts is strictly criticized by doctors and social workers. Although, it has many benefits but still the...