Color Eyedropper Tool In Corel DRAW

Eye Dropper Tool
Eye Dropper Tool

Color Eyedropper tool is used for sample colors and apply them to objects.

There are various CoralDRAW tools like Transparency Tool In Corel DRAW ,Artistic Media Tool in CoralDRAW 

Why color Eyedropper Tool Is Helpful In Designing?

Color Eyedropper tool is very helpful in designing because color eyedropper tool are mostly used for picking the colors and collect the sample of colors, the eyedropper tool in CorelDRAW can sample a lot more properties besides the color and such as applied the line style, skew, rotation, effects applied to the object and fonts for text.

How To Use Color Eyedropper Tool:

Color Eyedropper tool pick up any color from one place and use it elsewhere in your image:

Color Eyedropper tool will permit you to copy properties from one object to another. Click on any object with the eyedropper tool to sample its properties collect the sample and next take the paint bucket tool and click on another object to transfer the sampled to applied the properties to object. This is a quick way to transfer some basic properties from one object to another. 

Attributes Eyedropper Tool:

There are one more type of eye dropper tool that is called
Attributes Eyedropper. The cool Attributes Eyedropper tool lets you copy an object’s attributes, such as line thickness, fill color, size, effects, and more. The property bar provides Properties, Transformations, and Effects drop-menus that help you choose which attributes to copy. When you click on the object that you want to copy, the cursor will change to the paint bucket. And then you click on the object to which you want to apply the copied attributes.

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