Connector Tool In Corel DRAW

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Connector tool is used for to draw a line to connect two objects. Similar topics : Shape Tool in CoralDRAW ,Pick Tool in CoralDRAW

Functions Of Connector Tool:

  • draw a connector line between two or more objects.
  • change the direction of a connection line.
  • add an anchor point to an object.
  • move or delete an anchor point.
  • set a connector line to flow around objects.
  • add a text label to a connector line.
  • draw a callout.

Drawing Connector & Callout Lines:

You can draw connector lines between objects. Objects stay connected by these lines even when you move one or both objects. Connector lines, which are also known as “flow lines”, are used in technical drawings such as diagrams, flowcharts, and schematics. For information about drawing flowchart shapes, see drawing predefined shapes

There are three types of connector lines that you can draw. You can draw a straight connector line and can also draw right-angle connector lines with a sharp corner or a rounded corner. You can edit connector lines by moving, adding, or deleting segments.

Using the controls on the property bar, you can modify the width and style of a connector line as well as apply arrowheads. For more information, see formatting lines & outlines. You can also change the color of connector lines.

When you move objects, their connector lines remain attached. You can draw callout lines that label and draw attention to objects.

To Draw A Connector tool Line Between Two Or More Objects:

In the toolbox, click the connector tool button, and then click one of the following:

Straight-line connector tool — to create a straight connector line at any angle.

Right-angle connector tool — to create a connector line containing vertical and horizontal segments at right angles.

Right-angle round connector tool — to create a connector line containing vertical and horizontal elements at rounded right angles.

And then drag from a node on one object to a node on another object.

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