Overview of CORELDRAW 2018


There’s many software in the field of Graphic Designing. Here we will discuss about “Coreldraw”. Usually there’s many software in Graphic designing but as a beginner we start to learn it from few basic software like, Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw etc. But yeah there’s further more types more. Ten tools are also provided.

Views on Coreldraw:

Coreldraw is commonly used in the field of Graphic Designing, When you start learning Graphic Designing sometimes you start it from CorelDraw or sometimes Photoshop and Coreldraw is a vector base software therefore, It’s very easy to use if we compare it with other software. We can easily make Brochures, Banners, Logos, Flyers, Posters etc on it. Its tools are very easy to use because its tools are very simple not complex Coreldraw is commonly used in marketing and advertising.

How to use it?

If you want to learn how to use it you will get videos on our website easily and also you will learn more about this after reading this article. So here’s we will discuss about its tools that how it works from the start.
When you open it, its interface looks like this:

There’s so many options on this interface. You can see on the top of the left side there’s an option of “File” when you click on it you will get another page opened on this. Now you will have to give the name of your project, and then you will set the destination that in which file you want to save it. Then you can choose the size. You will get so many options for choosing the size of your project so it depends on you. If you don’t want to choose the size by name you can easily set its width and height by numbering and also you will get the scales that in which scale you want it. If you want to work on only one page you can choose it or if you want to work on many pages, you will get the option there too.

Two primary colors mode

There’s TWO types of primary colors mode we work on the software for Graphic Designing.
1) RGB
It depends on the project that in which mode you want it, basically in printing media we choose CMYK colors mode.

So here we are talking about the basic things for beginners so these are enough tools for starting it, we will talk about the other options later.
After setting all the things you get this interface on your screen.

Now its time to learn about the tools. See the left side bar. We will start from here.

Ten Tools

The first tool is a “Pick Tool “. You can move and pick your object easily with this tool.

The second tool is “Shape Tool”. You can give shape to your object easily and its short key is “Ctrl Q”

The third tool is “Crop Tool “. You can crop your object with this tool in any size you want.

The forth tool is “Zoom Tool”. You can zoom in or out your objects with this tool.

The fifth tool is “freehand tool”. It helps you to make your object in any shape. You will get so many options more in it. We will talk about the other options later.

The sixth tool is “Artist media tool”. This tool provides you to give your object an artistic touch. It will provide you so many options that you can draw in one click.

The seventh tool is “Rectangle tool”. It helps you to draw rectangle in any shape or size.

The eighth tool is “Ellipse tool”. You can draw circle with this.

The Ninth tool is “Polygon tool”. It provides you so many signs and shapes of basic things.

The tenth tool is “Text tool “. You can write, add and edit paragraphs and can give them an artistic touch.

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