Depression in Youngsters: Untreated Pain

Depression in Youngsters

The Depression in Youngsters:

Depression in youngsters is increasing contentiously and causes severe complications of mental, emotional, and physical health of the person.

Depression in Youngsters

What is Depression in Pakistan Society?

Depression is a mental disorder which imbalances the people’s personality and psychology badly. Depression has pierced its nail in every region of the world. Unfortunately, Pakistan has become one of those countries who is vulnerable to stress and depression. Stress and anxiety are common forms of depression in Pakistan society. It has been seen that in urban areas the rate of depression is higher than rural areas. Depression greatly affects the thoughts, actions and feelings. Due to depression, a person shifts into a low mood and avoids participation in social activities, ignores every social activity and is followed by despair. The results reveal sadness, loss of interest and conformity at home.

What is the main cause of depression among youth?

A Depressed mind can easily reflect itself in behaviors, attitudes, and thoughts. If depression is not treated at initial stages then it causes the situation of the body to be mild to complex. There are many reasons which are causing severe depression in society. Poverty, unemployment, lack of education, unstable economical and political conditions, dissatisfaction, etc. Awareness of depression regarding pathetic situations is needed for hours. If this will not tackle the initial level then it may because of suicide.

Depression phase

Percentage of Depression among Youngsters in Pakistan:

Pakistan carries 57.9% of the population of youngsters. In the health field, mental health is quietly ignored, especially by youngsters. In a report, it has been shown that depression in youngsters is continuously increasing and one out of three is suffering from depression. The more alarming factor is the ignorance of the government who are not drawing research on this issue and did not perform actions on researched results. In a survey, it has been shown that there are a total of 750 psychiatrists, which means there is one psychiatrist for 10,000 people. The situation seems to be going out of control, there is no facility to realize youngsters that they have fallen into depression and the crisis of the state is going on increasing just like unemployment, poverty, inflection etc.

Depression dark phase

Under 25, 15000 suicides cases recorded in past years which clearly questioning the role of the government and placing an impression on its services and works. One of the major reasons for increasing depression is that no one admits it, as it is a mental disorder, so they do not want to be concerned with psychologists to prove that they are normal. The suicide rate in the state of depression is following from 14-29 years. Bipolar is one of its extreme symptoms in youngsters in which youngsters experience low and sad mood swings.

Untreated Symptoms:

At initial stages, it is easy to handle depression but the passage of time gets severe and turns into complexities. Some of untreated symptoms of depression are:

  •  Depression causes bipolar disorder which is a severe form of symptoms. At this stage, the patient experience extreme and unusual shifts in mood, energy, and performance quality.
  •  Depression which is cause by traumatic, shocking, or scary events leads to symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.
  •  The extreme condition of depression may turn depressed patients to patients of Schizophrenia. At this stage, the patient falls prey to hallucination, delusion and loses all interest in daily life activities.
  •  Depression may affect the physique of the patient as well. Patients feel fatigued, loss of energy, laziness, panic attacks, absence of attention, lack of concentration, and agitation.
  •  Despite it, sadness, mood swings, frequent bouts of crying, hopelessness, feeling worthless, avoiding friends and family, imbalance in apatite and weight, irritability, trouble concentrating, over-thinking, changing cycles of sleep, think about death, talk about escapism, consumption of drugs and attempts of suicides are common symptoms of the depressed patient.   

causes of depression in youngsters:

Cause and effects of depression are a serious matter to encounter. There are a huge number of causes and effects of depression. Some of them are:

  •  Depression leads oneself into solitude. Depressed patients prefer to stay alone which separates patients from the mutual setting of family. It causes irritability in patients and thus causes the effect of un-involvement and unwanted attitude in the family.
  •  Depression causes a lack of interest in enthusiastic activities of life such as sports and affects the performance quality of a person.
  •  It causes lack of interest, mood swings and worthlessness which affect academic performances of the students.
  •  As depressed people feel themselves worthless that’s why they start to ignore social events and do not go in any social activity which affects their interaction and make them stay in solitude.
dark life

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