Fia & The Pink Panther who could talk

Fia & The Pink Panther who could talk
Fia & The Pink Panther who could talk

Fia and The Pink Panther. The story is about a girl Her name was Fia. She was living with her parents and two younger brothers. She was 11 years old. They were living in small town. Where people usually don’t get together. They all live busy in their lives. And They usually don’t care about other ones.

Fia was an introvert girl. She has her own imaginary world and was happy in her dreamy life. Even She doesn’t talk much with her family . Her younger brothers was busy in their lives. And her parents was fulfilling their responsibilities.

Fia and Pink Panther

Sometimes Fia get sad. When she wanted to talk to someone. When she wanted to share her stuff with someone. She never got anyone. One day she was playing with her younger brother where in the garden she found a Pink Panther. She didn’t tell to her brother. She sent him in home. And after that she took the Pink Panther with her in her room secretly.

Fia & The Pink Panther who could talk

She liked him so much. whenever she feel lonely. She started talking to him. And sharing her stuff with him. Even when she knows its a teddy bear. He cannot talk. But she was just trying to fantasize that he can listen her.

One night, Fia was sleeping when she saw a dream. In dream her Pink Panther was talking to him. And he was saying her that you’re not alone. I’m here with you. And I can listen all of your words. And i can understand you. He hugged her and suddenly, she woke up.
She was wondered that what has she seen. She just look at the pink panther and asked to him, “Do you really listen my words? Can you speak? If you can then just talk to me. I promise I won’t tell anyone about this. It will be the secret between you and me.”

She was just looking at him with wondered. Then suddenly, He speaks out! First she got afraid, then she asked to him, “Am i watching a dream or its reality?”
He replied, “No my friend! Its not a dream its reality. I can talk! I just had no permission to talk in front of humans. But when you said i can trust you so i spoke.

She was so happy that she got a new friend. They talked all night. She told him about her sufferings and he told her about his past life. And from where he came.
He told her about there’s a different world beyond to this. Where all the teddy bear’s can talk. They’re living their lives same as like the human do. The difference between them is just about that humans don’t aware of them. But they do.

Fia & The Pink Panther who could talk

He told her that so many teddy bear’s has been sent here for the children who don’t feel good. Those who are alone like you. So i was sent here by the management of bears for you.
He told her that they can see every human everywhere. Like what they’re doing. Where they’re going and what they’re thinking.

After hearing all of the stuff. Fia was so happy that he was there for her sent by the management of teddy bears. She asked to him if he can take her with him in his world so she want to meet all of his partners.
He said I will take you there first you will to to promise me that you’ll never tell anyone about this. She promised that she won’t.

He asked her to close her eyes and hold his hands. And just don’t open her eyes as long as he will say her to open. She did the same.
They started flying in a while and she was so excited. After few minutes they took landing. And now she was in their world.

Everything was so beautiful and different. She met all of them. They gave her so much love. She ate so many delicious food there. And she visited all of the imaginary places she always dreamed about. And now that was the time to go back. She was sad but she had to

Suddenly she woke up and she realized that she was watching a dream. It was all dream not reality. But she felt like she really ate something even still she could feel the taste. Her clothes was cold like she was really outside. She was wondered that what is it. When she looked at her pink panther he was smiling at her. And then she understood. That it wasn’t dream. But he took her with him in her dream!
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