Basic Guide of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 is a video editor software developed by Adobe System. In addition, the main purpose of Adobe Premiere Pro is to create videos as well as manipulate audio and video files and this software can also used in image editing. you can also use Adobe Photoshop for Image Editing . Moreover, if you want to alter a video or have a plan to put a video together or if you have a desire to make your audio or video file attractive with the help of Adobe Premier Effects. Hence for this purpose premier offers you with all its tools that are needed to make a professional video.

In short in this tutorial we will look at the basic interface of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 and learn about its common tools.

Getting Started with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019

First, we will open Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019, in window 7 you can access this software by clicking,

Start -> All Programs -> Adobe -> PREMIERE PRO CC 2019

Because I used this software often, so that is the reason it is showing in my recent directory.

Adobe Premier Pro
Adobe Premier Pro CC 2019

Moreover, you can also access this software with the help of search bar that is present in Desktop Task Bar. Just click on the search bar and enter the name of software.

Adobe Premier Pro CC 2019
Adobe Premier Pro CC 2019

However, you can also access Adobe Premier by clicking on the short cut of adobe premiere on the Desktop.

Steps to Use Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019

Step 1: Creating a New Project

First, we will open the Adobe Premiere. Once, the software opens you will get the WELCOME WINDOW. In this welcome window you will be able to see different options like creating a new project or opening the existing project or getting help.

Adobe Premier Pro CC 2019
Welcome To Adobe Premier

Then select the New Project after selecting the new project, Premiere will open a New Project Window. In this window you will again get some options like Name or location.

In Name dialogue box you will enter the name of your project and in location dialogue box you will enter the location of you project so when you safe your project, premiere will safe the project on your desired location.

Adobe Premier Pro
Adobe Premier Pro

Step 2: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 Work-space

Work-space is the space where you perform your whole working to make a video looks professional. Moreover, work-space is further divided into different panels and each item appear in its own panel.

However, when you open the premiere all the panels will appear blank because you have not brought any audio or video file into the work-space yet.  In case if you did not find your work-space similar to that shown in image you can reset your work-space accordingly, just follow these steps.

Window -> Workspace -> Editing -> Reset to save layout

Adobe Premier Pro CC 2019 Workspace
Adobe Premier Pro CC 2019 Workspace

Different Panels in Premiere Workspace:

Premiere workspace has different panels:

  • Media Browser/Project Panel
  • Audio Meter
  • Program Display Panel
  • Source Display Panel
  • Tool Bar Panel
  • Timeline
Adobe Premier Pro CC 2019 Workspace
Adobe Premier Workspace
1 Media Browser/Project Panel
Media Browser
Media Browser

You can import all the files either audio or video or pictures in Media Browser/Project Panel.  However, in media browser you can also make group of your importing media by using a folder name BIN.  Moreover, all the sequences you made also shown in this panel.

2. Audio Meter

In Audio Meter you can see the level of sound, helping to create noise balanced while listing to audio particularly with headphones or earphones.

Audio Meter
Audio Meter
3. Program Display Panel

In Program display panel you can see your video that you are currently edit.

Program Panel
Program Panel
4. Source Display Panel

In source display panel you can see your selected clips either audio, video or picture. However, you can see your selected clip by double clicking on the file you want to see.

Source panel
Source panel
5. Timeline

In Adobe Premiere Timeline is the place where you spent your most of the time while you are editing.


You can do multiple activities in Timeline Panel:

  • Addition of sequence
  • Removing of sequence
  • Open multiple panels
6. Toolbar Panel

In this panel all tools are available that are required for video or audio editing. However, all the tools have their own purpose.

Premier Toolbar

Tools in Adobe Premiere Toolbar:

Tools available for editing are:

  • Selection Tool
  • Ripple Edit Tool
  • Razor Tool
  • Track Select Forward Tool
  • Slip Tool
  • Type Tool
  • Hand Tool
  • Pen Tool
Adobe Premier Pro Tools
Adobe Premier Pro Tools
1.Selection Tool

The most tool that used in Adobe Premier is selection tool. You can select clip present in timeline with the help of this tool.

Moreover, you can also customize the clip by floating over either end of the clip and then clicking and dragging left or right. The shortcut of selection tool is ‘V’.

2. Ripple Edit Tool

This tool is used to change the length of the clip. You can change the length by clicking and dragging the edge of the clip present in the timeline. The shortcut of this tool is ‘B’

3. Razor Tool

 If you want to delete, cut or move some part of your clip you can do it with the help of Razor Tool. The shortcut of this tool is ‘C’.

4. Track Select Forward Tool

If you want to select everything in your clip that is present in your timeline you can do it with the help of Track Select Forward Tool. The shortcut of this tool is ‘A’

5. Slip Tool

Choose a video and modify its in and out points simultaneously without modifying its length and you can do it with the help of Slip Tool. The shortcut of this tool is ‘Y’

6. Type Tool

If You want to add text in your clip, so for this purpose you can use Type Tool. The shortcut of this tool is ‘T’.

7. Hand Tool

With the help of this tool you can move the viewing area of your timeline. The shortcut of this tool is ‘H’.

8. Pen Tool

Pen Tool is used for selecting the key frames. The shortcut of this tool is ‘P’

Steps of Basic Editing Workflow

1.The first step is to import the files into the workspace. You can import files with the help of Media Browser. First click on File then click import after clicking the import ‘Import File’ dialogue box will open then select the file you want to bring into the project.After selecting the desired file click IMPORT. Moreover,you can import different types of Media Files for example,
  • Mp3
  • AVI
  • MP4
  • JPG
  • MOV
2. After importing the file, the next step is to make the sequence basically the timeline is referred as sequence. First of all, create a new sequence for that purpose click on File Then New and then click on Sequence. After clicking the sequence, a Sequence Dialogue Box will be open. In this dialogue box you can name your sequence and change the settings according to your need.

3. After making the new sequence you can now drag and drop your desired Audio, Video files and images into your sequence.

  • Lock: This is used for lock the layer that can be edited.
  • Mute:  This is used for mute the audio layer.
  • Track Output: Turns the visibility layer on and off in the display window of the project.

Moreover, in the sequence you can see different options like V1, V2 A1, A2 etc. V1, V2 is for video files layer and A1, A2 is for audio files layers. There are also more options available in the sequence.

4. Now you make your sequence and drag your video into timeline Now this step is up to you if you want to add title into your clip then, go to File Then New then go to Legacy Title.

5. Furthermore, you add different effects, transition into your video, audio or images. For that purpose, go to Effect tab that is located to the bottom left of your workspace. In effect tab you find two different options

  • Video Transitions
  • Audio Transitions

Moreover, to apply transitions, grab the effect and drag it to the point where you want to add effect.

6. Finally, after doing all the editing now it’s time to save your project. For that purpose, simply go to File then Export.

Adobe Premier Pro CC Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Premier Pro CC Shortcuts
Adobe Premier Pro CC Shortcuts

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