What is Industrial Relations and Employee Relations?

What is Industrial Relations?

In the mid-20th century during the industrial revolution began in Britain. It has emerged as a means of understanding the complex relationship between employers and employees. An employee links industrial relations to a better location, training, job security, pay, and also workplace conditions. Moreover, An employer understands this in terms of productivity, employment law, and dispute resolution. The resolution often involved union intervention. And, The union represents the employee as a collective workforce and also raises issues for the organization.

What is Industrial Relations

Why industrial relations are important?

Additionally, The following Industrial Relations are given below:

Increased Productivity:

Along with friendly Industrial relations, both workers and also managers continue to work in their perspective positions and also contribute to the firm’s overall output. And, In this way. IR ensures production continuity.

Reduced Industrial Disputes:

An effective IR helps reduce industrial conflicts because both management and workers maintain a harmonious relationship with each other and also work in unison to achieve production goals.

Increased Morale:

Peaceful industrial relations promote the ethical level of employees because they feel that their interests are in line with the interests of the employer, and also their efforts will result in the firm’s overall profit.

Minimization of Wastage:

A good IR ensures less waste as a resource- man, machinery, are being fully utilized materially and also effective contributions to the firm’s overall productivity.

What are Employee Relations?

In fact, It is the study of the relationship between employees and employers. In fact, The business that focuses on the importance of strong employee relationships often results in higher engagement, higher motivation, and also ultimately better productivity and profitability. Moreover, Employees should understand the ultimate goals of the business and their role in achieving these goals.

Why Employee Relations are Important?

Furthermore, Companies with good employee relationships enjoy many benefits. In Fact, it is easier for them to engage, motivate, understand and also retain their employees.

Further, Here are some of the benefits of having a positive job relationship.

Employee Engagement:

In fact, According to employee engagement research, 90% of leaders understand how important employee engagement is. However, only 50% of them know how to solve this problem.

Employee Satisfaction:

Employee engagement is often associated with employee satisfaction. Less busy employees are less satisfied. However, Poor employee relationships can be a major cause.

Employee Productivity:

Employee satisfaction and engagement increase employee productivity. However, Well-employed companies enjoy high productivity, revenue, and profits.

Employee Advocacy:

Employee advocacy is an advantage that many companies are trying to achieve. Moreover, The ability of employees to reach out to contacts and use their company’s social capital to the best of their ability can have a huge amount on a company’s visibility, brand awareness, and also in productivity.

Employee Experience:

Like employee satisfaction, a good work experience is the greatest proof of healthy workplace culture.

Employee Empowerment:

In addition, thousands of years and generations of young people want to be involved in many aspects of a business. They want a certain level of decision-making power. So, This is called employee empowerment.

What is the Difference Between Employee and Industrial Relations?

Thus, although the issue of employee relations is personally personal and also relates to the behavior of individuals where the moral and social factor predominates, the term industrial relations refer to human relations and relations between employers and workers in an organization. Comprehensive coverage. Matters are settled between the trade unions and the administration by law or by specific collective agreement. The role of FR management in organizations in difficult times.

Concept of Industrial Relations:

However, the concept of industrial relations has changed considerably as the purpose of promoting stable and healthy also industrial relations today is not only to find ways and means to resolve disputes or differences but also to increase their interest. To turn around is to seek unsafe cooperation and goodwill. And energy towards the construction channel.

Time Encouraging:

In addition, The problems of industrial relations, therefore, are basically problems that can be effectively solved by developing industrial initiative, trust, dependence, and also respect in conflicting social groups, as well as the incentive to come closer to one another. Give eliminating misunderstanding in a peaceful environment and promote industrial pursuit for mutual benefit.


An employee is a relative of an employee and an employer. The focus is on how to effectively manage and strengthen this relationship. On the other hand, there is a three-person relationship between the industrial relations, the organization, the union, and the workforce that the union represents.

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