Life Story of Queen Bilqis| Name, History, Birth Story

Queen Bilqis
Queen Bilqis

Who is the Queen of Sheba?

Queen of Sheba is also known as Queen Bilqis. She ruled over a nation on the southern Arabian Peninsula in what is now Yemen. Balqis become a rich and powerful Queen. She and her humans worshipped the solar and other idols instead of Allah.

Birth Story of Queen Bilqis:

Al-Hadhad changed into a courageous man and whilst ‘Amr Dh’l-Adh’ar marched towards him he disguised himself as a Bedawi and entered the antagonistic camp wherein he ascertained that the infantrymen of ‘Amr had been dissatisfied. As he again within the midday warmness he saw how two snakes, one white and the alternative black, fought with each other and handiest gave up the warfare after they were tired out. The white snake got here toward al-Hadhad, opening its mouth as if imploring him, and out of pity, he poured out a little water for it to quench its thirst. Equality came about after an additional conflict.

Marriage of Younger Prince who’s named Rawaha’s Daughter of Sakan:

The fight persevered till the white snake had killed the black one and then it went away and al-Hadhad went to are looking for safe haven among some timber from the warmth of the sun. Whilst he was there, he heard sounds drawing close and drew his sword to protect himself in case of need. Then he saw an agency of jinn of handsome countenance and clad in first-rate garments come towards him. They greeted him and bade him have no fear, for they’d come to thank him for the help he had given to one among their princes in his conflict with a runaway slave.

He saw then that one of the younger men bore scars on his face due to the current struggle. They instructed him that they did not understand of any better praise than to marry him to the sister of this younger prince whose name changed into Rawaha’s daughter of Sakan. In order that they married him to her and made simplest one stipulation: that he must in no way ask her the reason for anything she became doing, to which he agreed. while he again to his camp he discovered that the military of ‘Amr had dispersed and consequently he additionally disbanded his troops and sat in his castle to await the advent of his bride.

Giving Birth:

After the marriage, she bore him a son, but while he changed into 365 days vintage a woman canine got here in on the door, seized the child, and dragged it out of the room. Al-Hadhad checked out Rawaha, the mom, but as she did not utter a phrase, he too remained silent. Next, she gave delivery to a daughter who whilst she had reached the identical age the dog came in once more and dragged the child out of the room by her legs, however as the mother remained silent, he did no longer utter one phrase to question her. whilst she gave beginning to a second son and the canine did the same as she had carried out to his brother and sister, he stated to the mom:

“Rawaha!” She spoke back: “What?” His response changed into that she should stop the dog from doing what she had accomplished to the alternative two youngsters. While Rawaha heard this, she said to him: “O Hadhad, I should go away thee! they have got not been dragged away however had been cautiously nursed and will return to thee once they have reached the age of five. As for the eldest son, he has died, even as the second one boy will live as long as my father and could die quickly after him, however, the female will live.”

How Queen Bilqis Become Queen?

Then she went away and became in no way visible again. He then located the son and the girl Bilqis in their beds. most discovered men will now not receive this account, but ordinary people consider it, and Allah on my own knows the truth. Al-Hadhad reigned two decades, and when he felt that his stop become nigh he referred to as the princes and nobles of Himyar together and cautioned them to appoint Bilqis as their sovereign after his demise and, though a few had been of opinion that a woman becomes now not suitable, they agreed that she was greater intelligent than maximum guys and promised to obey her. As a remaining piece of recommendation, he told them that they might employ in her location his nephew ‘Amr bin Ya’fur.

Queen Bilqis and Sulaiman:

Prophet Sulayman changed into very effective and the Quran mentions many miracles and benefits Allah has bestowed upon him. He ought to apprehend the speech of animals, had the strength of the wind and despite his worldly powers, he never forgot Allah changed into constantly grateful to Him.

Sulayman’s had an army of birds, jinn, and people. Amongst his military became a Hoopoe chook (Hudhud), which in the future was absent without his consent, which made Prophet Sulayman sad.

Hoopoe give explanation:

The hoopoe but soon regarded to give an explanation for his absence. He was scouting in areas in which Sulayman’s army had not but reached. He added with him an account of the kingdom of Saba (Sheba).

The hoopoe suggested that the kingdom of Saba changed into dominated by means of a Queen and that the humans of that nation worshipped the sun and different idols.

Dispatched letter to the Queen Bilqis:

Consequently, Prophet Sulayman dispatched a letter to the Queen, greeting her and asking for her to post to Allah.

Upon receiving the letter, the Queen, who in step with historians become referred to as Bilqis, consulted with her chieftains, who cautioned her to combat Sulayman and his army, for their country of a had the strength to salary a battle. Bilqis, but, selected a more diplomatic technique in which she determined to ship high priced presents to Sulayman.

He dispatched the messengers again with the gifts and had them deliver a message:

Prophet Sulayman, nevertheless, rejected her gifts and stated that the items which he had received from Allah were infinitely higher than those which she had dispatched. He dispatched the messengers again with the gifts and had them deliver a message to the Queen that both she submits to Allah or he would send armies that would smash the entire of Sheba and its people.

The Queen visit Sulayman Place:

The Queen then went to visit Sulayman’s palace, and the Prophet wanted to educate her a lesson so he wanted her throne to be at his palace upon her arrival. So, he asked his navy who amongst you can deliver me her throne and a jinn provided to deliver it before Prophet Sulayman leaves his seat.

sooner or later, a hoopoe arrived from Saba’ and brought Sulayman phrase of the stunning and powerful Bilqis. Intrigued via descriptions of her, he invited her to travel to Jerusalem, and he or she generic the invitation.

Queen Bilqis journey to the country of Sulayman:

Bilqis journeyed to the country of an of the famed Sulayman and decided to live for some time in order to study extra about the smart king and his all-effective Allah. The king and the queen discovered every different captivating and step by step started to fall in love. This worried the captive jinn, who feared that if Sulayman and Bilqis married and had a son, the jinn could be pressured to hold in service for another generation, and perhaps plenty longer, never once more tasting freedom.

A jinni named Zabwa warned Sulayman:

 “O Prophet of Allah, a son by means of this woman may be cruel, sharp, and hot in body and soul.”

Jinn spread rumors:

 Zabwa and his fellow jinn spread rumors that Bilqis was one in all their personal which indeed was partially true and as such had a jinn inform-story bushy legs and donkey toes.

Sulayman changed into trouble with the aid of the rumors that Bilqis had jinn blood coursing thru her veins. To find out if the rumors were authentic, Sulayman devised a test for Bilqis. In his personal quarters, he had an expansive glass ground constructed, with water and fish beneath it. waiting on the far side of the glass ground, he beckoned to Bilqis to cross the room and be a part of him. Mistaking the glass for a fish pond, the queen lifted her skirts to stroll thru the water. The king saw her legs and regarded it away. He finally confessed to Bilqis: “Lo! it’s miles a ground, fabricated from easy glass.”

What exactly did Sulayman see?

The resources are unclear. maximum agree that Bilqis’ toes have been now not hooved however that her legs have been quite hairy. Sulayman changed into alarmed by way of this discovery. His jinn rejoiced, but handiest for a brief moment, for the king commanded them to prepare a lotion of slaked lime and ash to dispose of the queen’s leg hair. At this factor, Bilqis stated, “O my Lord! I have indeed wronged my soul: I do [now] post [in Islam], with Sulayman, to the Lord of the Worlds”.

Queen Bilqis married Sulayman:

Bilqis married Sulayman and bore him a son referred to as Rehoboam, whose fingers were said to attain down to his knees a positive sign of leadership, consistent with the belief of the time. Bilqis remained with Sulayman for seven years and 7 months and then died. Sulayman buried her under the partitions of Palmyra in Syria.

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