Pakistani-American shahid khan features in Forbes Richest List

Shahid Khan
Forbes richest list

Shahid Khan

Shahid Khan was born in Lahore, Pakistan, to a middle-class family involved in the construction enterprise. His mother (now retired) became a professor of arithmetic. He moved to the U.S in 1967 at age 16 to take a look at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. Khan labored at the car production employer Flex-N-Gate organization even as attending the University of Illinois. when he graduated, he turned into hired as the engineering director for the organization. In 1978, he began Bumper Works. In 1980, he bought Flex-N-Gate from his former corporation Charles Gleason Butzo. He is the owner of Flex-N-Gate and as a 66th richest man in the U.S.

The Forbes list ranks:

  • The shahid khan as the 66th Forbes list rank with a net worth $7.8 billion.
  • The 39th Forbes list ranks the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos with a net worth $179 billion
  • The 57th Forbes list rank was bill gates with a net worth $111 billion
  • The Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with a net worth $85billion
  • Donald Trump dropped rank in 2019 to number 352 from 275

Newcomers also included this year in the Forbes list

•     Eric yuan the CEO of zoom with a net worth of $11billion

•     Jim Coch the founder of Boston beer company with a net worth $2.6 billion

•     Trevor Milton founder of electric and hydrogen trucked

Shahid khan businesses:

  Shahid khan is the owner of:

  • National football league
  • The English football league championship team
  • Automobile part manufacturer Flex-N-Gate

London Wembley stadium:

Shahid khan has private his arguments about to buy London’s Wembley stadium, the American businessman announced. Wembley’s current proprietors had come beneath fireplace from many within its personal ranks for a plan to promote. The proprietor of London-based totally top-quality league side Fulham provided to shop for the stadium for £six hundred million ($800 million), in a deal ultimately well worth £900 million to the fa, with the cash to be reinvested in grassroots football. And whilst senior FA figures had been happy for the sale to move through, that lack of assist from the broader game.

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