Role of Women Empowerment as per Islamic Teaching

Role of Women empowerment
Role of Women Empowerment as per Islamic Teaching

Role of Women empowerment

Role of Women empowerment: Women empowerment never meant to make a woman independent of her own family. It is about making women independent about wired social norms. And, It is about promoting the value of any female inside herself for her own management. It is about accepting her own decisions about her life and to raise voice against domestic violence. The promotion of women empowerment with the concept of being independent of their own supporters are astonishing. We are permitting our rights repressed.  Instead of fighting for our rights, we are fighting against our rights. The promotion of this concept has centralized to increase harassment and sexual muggings.

We being women merit respect and it should be our first and primary right. Against acid attacks, rising slogan, sexual harassment and violence is more like women empowerment than to promote “mera jisam meri marzi”.

To making women powerful it also refers as women empowerment for making them capable for the decisions for themselves. Through years women have to suffer a lot at the hands of men. In old times women were preserved as nearly non-existent. By evolving of time the powers which belongs to women are realized by her. For women empowerment there on began the revolution.

Women status as per Islamic Teaching

The notable awareness of a woman’s status in Islam is that in which women are deprived of liberty and equality.  Either it is the result of ignorance about teaching of Islam and the ideology of biased propaganda of anti-Islamic and a prejudiced media.


Girls have the same rights as boys have for receiving education freely. As per the teaching of Islam it is obligation for every woman and man to receive education. The best gift from parents is giving education and training to children. Without the consent of a girl nobody can force her to married off to anyone. A woman is allowed to take khula as man has the liberty to divorce. If a widow or divorcee wishes to remarry they are allowed for it.


In Islam there is no gender disparity. Man are the head of families as per Islam. Man’s position is to safeguard and give strength to the institution of the family.  To provide food give shelter and fulfill other needs of all the family members is the responsibility of man. In civil and criminal acts of judiciary women are equal to men.


The security for woman in Islam is very much important. The male guardian are with the responsibility to provide bread and meat to the women and girls. A male guardian must accompany her for providing the facilities in her journey.

Economic empowerment

In the form of bride price which is also called Mehr women receive money. Bread and meat would be given to her by her father or husband. A lawful share is given her in the property.


The Christian in the contrast to the idea that woman is the source of evil and she unbolted the entrance to Satan, it is believe by Islam that Satan simultaneously seduced Adam and Eve both. The place for mother in Islam is higher than the father’s place. Heaven is under the feet of mother. For the husbands‘s establishment woman is the ruler queen. To shield her from impish gazing eyes the veil is only the protection device.

Importance of Women’s empowerment

To encourage women to feel strong by letting them that there’s nothing impossible for them to do what they wanted to do is a part Women’s empowerment. Outside from their home women can do work, for making up their mind have opportunity. The money can be earn by the women to support the family by using and working through their abilities.

Five Type of Women Empowerment

women empowerment can be define in separate five categories which are as follow:

  • Societal
  • Enlightening
  • Finances
  • Radical
  • Emotional

Concept of women empowerment

To increase the degree of autonomy empowerment is a set of measure to design in minds of people and in communities to enable them for representing their interest in responsible way or in self determined way acting for their own ability.

Need of Women Empowerment

A new management style is considered as empowerment for women or female community to help foster goals of new goals. Women’s’ prospects and goals to accomplish are set the main purpose of their work.

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