How to build static web page using html?

static web page

What is Static Web Page?

A static web page is developed by using HTML language, CSS and JavaScript. Whenever a server receives request it locate the page on hard disk and send back the information using HTTP protocol. It is delivered to the users exactly as stored. Static web pages remain same until someone changes it.


Some basic tools are needed to create a static web page.


Following languages are used to create a static webpage

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

In this article we only discuss about HTML language. We will discuss about other languages like CSS and JavaScript in our next articles.

Steps to create static web page using HTML:

Following basic steps are used for creating a webpage:

HTML File:

Create a basic skeleton of page using HTML language on Notepad. HTML contains different tags like head tag “<head>…</head>”, body tag “<body>…</body>”, title tag “<title>…</title>”, paragraph tag “<p>…</p>” etc.

Save  your document by using extension .HTML, then open your document using your search engine.

Basic Structure of HTML File:

The HTML document starts using two tags opening tag and the closing tag



Body Tags:

Write code between the body tags after this you can check your code using your search engine. You may add as many as tags as you want


Spaces, breaks, Headings.



<title>Static Web page</title>



<h1>WEB Page </h1>




Adding Picture in Static Web Page:

You may add images to your document using tag <img src> and then resize according to your document or web page.

For example:

<img src=”C:\Users\kics\Desktop\download.jpg”>

In this way we can use HTML language to create static web pages we may add videos, links , hyperlinks to open linked pages , change font size and style , tables , and forms.


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