Top 10 Great warriors you must know about

Top 10 Great warriors
Top 10 Great warriors you must know about

Top 10 Great warriors

There have been many Great kings in history who wins many of several wars, but none of these greats had spilled more blood than the greatest warriors in history. so take a deep breath and got ready to discover the top ten of the deadliest, most vicious, and bloodthirsty warriors who ever lived. Below we are mentioning Top 10 Great warriors:


Let’s start with Spartacus who was born in 11 BC in Thrace in Bulgaria. He was also known as the gladiator who ever lived. Spartacus at the side of Oenomaus, Castus, and Gannicus was one among the slave leaders within the third servile war, a serious slave struggle against the Rome republic.No different individual terrorized the powerful republic the method.


Xiahou Dun:

Xiahou dun was born in 155 in bo Zhou china. He offered his services as military general Cao Cao within the late jap Han and have become a legend once throughout a battle he was hit by a story arrow and lost his left eye ahead of his surprised soldier and enemies alike, he forces out the arrow and enclosed his eyeball. Following this incident enemy armies across China.

Xiahou Dun


Pyrrhus of Epirus was born in 319 BC. Epirus was king of the great Molossians and the one who grave the Romans hell. He was the first and only threat to Rome during its prime minister at the beginning of the empire. He fights with only 2500 soldiers and 20 elephants and wins the war against Rome and haly. After that, he wins the war against Macedonia. He fights in many wars as a warrior and always wins with a small army.

After that, he charged on Sparta and Argos. He was trilled in a night skirmish in the street of Argos Greece in 272 BC.


Miyamoto Musashi:

He was born in 1584, Harima province japan. Miyamoto was a kill-full Japanese swordsman and an invincible rorin . He became a legend primarily attributable to his outstanding accomplishment in varied deals from the age of thirteenth. Many historians and specialists contemplate him as the best battler swordsman who ever lived.

Miyamoto Musashi

He was the founder of hyo-h-o Niten Lehi-Ryu or Niten r.y.u style of swordsmanship he ascended a mountain and wrote the definition treatise on the Zen of decapitations which he titled a book of fierce rings

King Richard:

The lionheart was born on 8 September 1157, oxford United Kingdom in a royal family. He is famous for his exploit in the third crusade, where he was fighting against Muslim king Saladin. And He fights many wars although during his ten-year reign. And, He spent only six months in England. He is described who showed no mercy to his enemies and they didn’t call him ‘’ lion heart’’ for nothing. He was an extremely skilled warrior.

King Richard

Hannibal Barca:

Hannibal Barca was born in 247 BC, in Carthage. Who developed tactics of outflanking and surrounding? The enemy with the combined force of infantry cavalry. It is believing that Hannibal was one of the greatest general and military leaders of the ancient world and a brilliant strategy during a period when the kingdom had just lost a long important war with Rome and with its many territories. He cannot attack Rome by sea because the sea was under the Rome territories.

Hannibal Barca

Julins Caeser:

He was born on 13 July loo BC Rome, Italy. Julins is arguably the foremost illustrious and booming roman politician and general in history was the one who crystal rectifier the Rome’s army in various victorious battles that swollen its history. . Further, he wrote about his military adventures, from which we learn about his genius and bravery on the battlefield. He wins the war against great Pompey and sons. Today whole world learns about Julins Caeser in the books. Julins Caeser assassinated 15 march 44 BC in Rome, Italy.

Julins Caeser


He was born in 540 BC Sparta, Greece. Hollywood movie 300 based on the story of King Leonidas. Leonidas F was one of the two kings of Sparta during the Greece-Persian wars and he was a brutal warrior, amazing king fearless units in history the three hundred spartan hoplites rumor has it that during the end of the battle of Thermopylae he remained alone fighting against hundreds of thousands before he was killed, died 480 BC Thermopylae lamia, Greece.


Genghis khan:

He was born in 1162 boldog Mangol. The Mangol destroyer as he’s notable, set in motion the conquest of 1 / 4 of the world’s population and is wide thought-about one among the best vanquishers of all time. . His people believed that he was the greatest man of all time. According to history he and his army killed near 40 million people. Genghis khan was a military genius, clever, clever, and a great leader. He was the most brutal human being ever lived.

Genghis khan


The great was born in 365 BC Macedonia. Though he died at age of thirty-three. The famous Greek king managed to conquer most of the then known world is there is a reason why most historians consider him the greatest general who ever lived. He also fought on the front of every battle. He remained undefeated and took over every major kingdom of his day.


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