Top 10 richest people in the world 2020

Top 10 richest people
Top 10 richest people in the world 2020

Top 10 richest people in the world

Here is the list of Top 10 richest people in the world:

  • Larry Page
  • Steve Ballmer
  • Larry Ellison
  • Warren Buffet
  • Mukesh Ambani
  • Elon Musk
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Bernard Arnault
  • Bill Gates
  • Jeff Bezos

Larry Page:

American computer scientist, internet entrepreneur, and co-founder of Google. He was born on 26 March 1973. In 1997 page was the chief executive officer of Google. In 2004 page also received the Marconi Prize.

Net worth– $69 billion (Rs 500000 crore)

larry page

Steve Ballmer:

American businessman investor chief executive officer of Microsoft. Ballmer became employed by using invoice gates at Microsoft in 1980 and sooner or later left the MBA software at Stanford University. He finally has become president in 1998 and changed gates as CEO on January 13, 2000. On February 4, 2014, Ballmer retired as CEO and resigned from the board of administrators on august 19, 2014, to prepare for coaching a new elegance.

Net worth– $71 billion (Rs 5,15,00 crore)

Steve Ballmer

Larry Ellison:

American enterprise wealthy person, muestor, philanthropist, co-founder, and govt chairman of oracle organization. In 2020 Ellison becomes the seventh richest person in the world.

Net worth – $74 billion (Rs 5,55,000 crore)

Larry Ellison

Warren Buffet:

American investor, business tycoon, and philanthropist chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He was born on 30 august 1930.he is the most successful investor in the world. He has been referred to as the “oracle” or “sage” of Omaha by means of global media. He’s cited for his adherence to cost investing, and his personal frugality notwithstanding his substantial wealth

Net worth– $78 billion (Rs 5,86,000 crore)

Warren Buffet

Mukesh Ambani:

Indian billionaire enterprise mogul chairman, managing director, and biggest shareholder of reliance industries LTD. A fortune worldwide 500 company and India’s most precious organization by means of marketplace value. He’s the richest person in Asia, and as of September 2020, the fifth richest inside the globe.

Net worth– $ 80 billion (Rs 6,10,000 crore)

Mukesh Ambani

Elon musk:

Working to revolutionize transportation on earth, through electric car maker Tesla, space X. He changed into elected a fellow of the royal society (FRS) in 2018. Additionally, that year, he changed into ranked twenty-fifth on the Forbes list of the world’s most effective humans, and become ranked joint-first at the Forbes listing of the most progressive leaders of 2019. As of September 2, 2020, making him the fifth richest individual within the world. He is likewise the longest-tenured CEO of any car manufacturer globally.

Net worth – $ 85 billion (Rs 6,38,000)

Elon Musk

Mark Zuckerberg:

American media magnate, internet entrepreneur, philanthropist, and co-founding father of FB. He was born on May 14, 1984. He is also a co-founding father of the solar sail spacecraft improvement mission leap forward star shot and serves as certainly one of its board contributors.

Net worth – $ 96 billion (Rs 7,21,000 crore)

Mark Zuckerberg

Bernard Arnault:

French billionaire businessman and art collector, chairman, and chief executive of LVMH-Louis Vuitton. He became the richest person for a very short time.

Net worth – $111 billion (Rs 8,33,000 crore)

Bernard Arnault

Bill gates:

American business magnate software developers, invest and philanthropist co-founder of Microsoft. In March 2020, gates left his board positions at Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway to recognition on his philanthropic endeavors which include weather trade, international health and development, and training.

Net worth – $ 113 billion (Rs 8,48,000 crore)

Bill Gates

Jeff Bezos:

American internet entrepreneur, industrialist, and founder of Amazon. He was born on January 12, 1964. The first centi-billionaire on the Forbes wealth index, Bezos has been the world’s richest person because 2017 and changed into named the “richest man in present-day records” after his internet really worth improved to $a hundred and fifty billion in July 2018. In keeping with Forbes, Bezos is the first individual in history to have an internet worth exceeding $200 billion

Net worth – $ 194 billion (Rs 14,57,000 crore)

Jeff Bezos

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