Transparency Tool In Corel DRAW

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We use Transparency tool to reveal partial image areas underneath the object.

CoralDRAW tools like Text Tool , Pick Tool etc.

Likewise, fountain transparency will make the white shape look like a highlight, then select the white shape with the Pick tool then activate the Transparency tool. Similarly, you can select the Fountain Transparency icon in the Property bar, or simply click and drag inside the white shape from the top down to the bottom.

How To Use Transparency Tool:

We can find the Transparency Tool in the Toolbox on the left-hand side of the interface, above the Eyedropper tool. As a result, it looks like a black and white checkerboard . As a result, you will notice that, once we activate the tool. Similarly, the Property bar along the top changes to show the transparency types. When we select transparency type, the Property bar will display additional options.

Types of Transparencies:

There are 5 types of transparencies:

  • Uniform
  • Fountain
  • Vector pattern
  • Bitmap pattern
  • Two-color pattern/texture

Uniform Transparency:

Uniform transparency alters the transparency values of all pixels in the object or editable area by an equal amount.

Fountain Transparency:

Hence, Fountain transparency 404 makes the object fade from one transparency value to another. So for the reason that , the fountain transparency can be linear, elliptical, conical, or rectangular so, you can choose fountain transparencies from a personal library or from the Content Exchange.

Vector Pattern:

It is a picture composed of lines and fills, instead of dots of color like bitmap. As CorelDRAW provides a collection of vector and bitmap patterns that you can access.

Bitmap Pattern:

Bitmap Pattern is a picture composed of lines and fills, instead of dots of color like bitmaps. As, CorelDRAW 404 provides a collection of vector and bitmap patterns that you can access.

Two-Color Pattern/Texture:

We use Two-Color Pattern transparency to apply a two color pattern transparency.

There are three types of pattern transparency:

  • Vector pattern transparency
  • Bitmap pattern transparency
  • Two-color pattern transparencyO 404

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