Why is unity engine so popular?

Most popular Game Development Engine:

In this era of technology where there are a lot of innovations and inventions on every step you take towards technology, development areas are also increasing day by day. In recent years a new industry has taken its place in the market and is unexpectedly growing very fast.  Game development is the industry that is earning a billion dollars annually just by making game and publishing them on different stores. In early 70s it was hard to make a triangle moving on the screen but now game development has grown rapidly and new games are publishing on daily basis making the play stores overflow with the flood of new games. This industry is working on different game genre’s using different tools for development. Different Art styles in Game Development.

Most popular Game Developing Engine:

There are a lot of games developing engines that are being used in the market for game developing. The most commonly used game developing engine is unity. They have grown their market very rapidly because of their engine flexibility. According to Wikipedia unity engine I a cross platform engine and was developed by unity technologies and was first released in 2005 at Apple Inc.’s Worldwide Developers Conference as an OS X-exclusive game engine. As of 2018, the engine has been extended to support 25 platforms.

Why is unity engine so popular?

The biggest reason of unity being so popular is that it is free to download and its free version is capable of performing almost all the tasks that it is designed for. Another reason for being unity so popular is that is a multiplatform engine by clicking one button you can change the build and make it useful for another platform. Unity has support for almost 25 different platforms which start from android, ios and move towards VR, oculus, web and Microsoft stores also. You can build amazing pc games with high graphic quality. In the latest version of unity you can also make animated films and it also have a support of making cinematic short films.

Unity Community Support

Unity engine also gives you the best community support. All the documentation of every type of problem is available on their website. They also provide you with their basic tutorials so that anybody can learn easily how to operate unity and start making games. Unity engine also have their own support for scripting they provide you with mono develop IDE or visual studio for scripting. In game development assets are the core thing that put life to your game. Good assets are very important. Unity also provides you with their own asset store so that you can get assets and start building your own game. There are a million of assets that are available on asset store for the users some of them are free to use some of them are paid. These assets have a vast collection that start from a simple 2D sprite sheet to a complex 3D environment.

This engine helps you creating various types of games as mentioned above it is a multipurpose engine it is also capable of developing 2D games, 3D game, VR/AR games and you can also create multiplayer games in unity.

You can get a vast collection of video tutorials to learn game development using unity. Therefore this makes unity easier to learn.


Some of top hits made in unity:

As this engine has got more popularity in recent years developers have developed a lot of games in this engine which earned a billion dollars n the gaming industry. Some of the top hits made in unity are as follows

  • Lara Croft Go
  • Her Story
  • Temple run Trilogy
  • Pillars of eternity
  • Wasteland
  • Kerbal space program.

Our Achievements with Unity:

We have developed numerous games using unity to give a better experience to our users. We used Unity engine for our game development projects. Some of our popular releases include

Zombie shooter apocalypse:

In this game the user is stuck in a 3d environment and has to shoot zombies and save him. Killing more zombies will get high scores which will be beneficial for you to unlock new weapons and environments.

Whack a mole:

This game was basically designed for kids. This was a hyper casual game in which you have to hit the mole that pops out from hole. Each mole hit gives you score to unlock new levels.

Train Destruction:

Destroy the vehicles in the city while driving the train. The more you destroy the more you score.

Storm Destruction:

Compete with AI players and destroy the city with your storm. More destruction will give you more score and your storm will be stronger than before.

 Maze Runner:

Run through the maze collect cool pickup items and reach the final door to unlock next maze.

Death Rally:

You are competing with AI players defeat them or kill them with your weapons installed in your car.

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