Who Invented Google? Who is the New CEO of Google?

who invented google
who invented google

What is Google?

Who Invented Google. The very popular search engine called Google. A search engine is a program that searches the Internet and searches web pages for you based on the keywords you submit. There are several components to a search engine, including:

  • Search engine software such as Boolean Operators, Search Fields, and Display Format
  • Spider or Crawler software is used to reads web pages
  • A database
  • Algorithms that rank results for relevancy

Who invented Google?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin Computer Scientists invented Google. Starting a company takes more time than a great idea. If you also need cash and lots of it. Larry Page and Sergey Brin had trouble finding investors when they first started to raise capital to launch their brand-new search engine. Then he was lucky enough to meet Andy Bettelheim, the founder of Sun Microsystems, who wrote a check for $100,000 to Google.Inc. with no deposit anywhere, Page and Brin were added, waiting two weeks until the seed money could be deposited in the bank.  

The History of Google:

The Google story begins in 1995 at Stanford University. Page and Brin were working from their dorm rooms, they built a search engine that used links to determine the importance of individual pages on the World Wide Web. They called this search engine Backrub.

Soon after, Backrub was renamed Google. The name was a play on the expression of the number 1 mathematics followed by 100 zeros and it perfectly reflected Larry and Sergey’s mission to organize the information of the whole world and make it globally accessible and useful.

Google was officially launched in 1996 and quickly searched for itself under the name of an unknown search engine. The company derived its initial cash flow from investors such as Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, as well as other internet business people. In 2004, Who Invented Google officially went public.

Who is Google CEO?

Sundar Pichai was born on July 12, 1972, in Madras, Indian. An Indian-American Computer Scientist and executive who was CEO of both Google. Inc and its holding company, Alphabetic Inc.

Who Invented Google? Who is the New CEO of Google?
Sundar Pichai

Why Google is now China’s most wanted?

Some people in the United States are misusing the concept of national security to suppress Non-US businesses. These US moves are utterly disgraceful. Obviously, you can’t use Google if you are in China, however, Google is banned from Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Why Google is the Search Engine of Choice:

Google is the first search engine choice for both customers and agencies.

  • Speed:

Googles are usually faster than any other search engine. It is capable of delivering millions of results in O.19 seconds.

  • Choice:

Google has a lot of sites in its index. It picks up new sites faster than any other engine, so you are able to find the latest news, the latest sites.

  • Relevancy:

Google’s algorithm is better than other agencies. They should be better at determining which sites are most relevant.

  • Branding:

You can’t ignore this aspect of Google. They are everywhere! They haven’t advertised much before, and they don’t really advertise their search offer.

  • Market Share:

86% of the UK population uses Google. It definitely makes sense to put your efforts into a document company.

  • Platform and tools:

When you look at the advertising part of the engines, there is no comparison.

  • Support:

If we are Google Premier Partner, that means we have access to a whole host of benefits and resources to help our own customers and partners.

Google City:

A smart city made on the internet. Provides citizens with the opportunity to experience the latest technology. This will include autonomous cars, modern garbage collection methods, and new ways to combine common areas for communities.

How Many Google Searches per Day 2020 Brings?

Google handles 3.5 billion searches a day. More than a billion questions have been asked on Google Lens. 63% of Google’s organic search traffic in the US started with mobile devices. Google was the most searched keyword on Google.

Google Products and Services:


Android is the most widely used operating system for smartphones.


Blogger is used to creating and viewing a personal blog.


Laptops using Google Chrome OS.

Chrome OS

The Operating System was developed by Google for laptops and portable computers.


Free online email service google can provide you in Gmail with over 1 GB of storage.

Google Assistant 

If you respond to voice requests, google assistants’ services uses artificial intelligence

Google Calendar 

Used to manage your schedule, sync and share events with your friends

Google Chrome 

 Internet browser is the most popular desktop.

Google Classroom 

 It allows students and teachers to participate in a digital class.

Google Drive 

This service allows the users to view, edit, and store their documents and files in the Google cloud.

Google Photos 

Online and cloud-based photo storage system used in Google Photos.


It allows users to freely upload videos and view other videos.

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