About Us

We are group of creative developers here to help you

About Us

We are group of creative developers here to help you


Generating original, inventive ideas is the act of our creativity.


We are a leading & innovative organization in Pakistan.


Our commitment is our first priority towards the mission and goals.

Quality Work

Our quality of work is accurate, thoroughness, and competent.

Our Approach



Perfect Solutions That Makes Difference

Welcome to Fukatsoft Service!  We are working to turn our passion for all these services into a booming online website. We hope you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. We will keep posting more important posts on our website for all of you. Please give your support and love. Thanks for visiting our site!


To be a globally distinguished firm providing reliable Digital promoting Services whereas basic cognitive process in quality and excellence.


Fukatsoft supports their clients at any moment or in any situation. Our clients feel free to contact us.

Features & Benefits

Our aim is to satisfy the needs of our clients. Simply say to your consumers’ desires. Aspects of your product are called features, and they could be either technical or descriptive. Benefits are the main reason why your clients care about that feature. Or, how that feature improves their quality of life. Features explain what to clients, while benefits explain why.

Reach excellence in managing your challenges with a qualified software development partner.

We will help your company succeed in search engine optimization, with the aim to increase your revenue.

Fukatsoft Service takes a personalized approach to digital marketing by learning about your industry, audience, and business.

We are a reliable and affordable digital agency and network. We channel creativity, colors, copy, and code to help our clients with better branding.

Web Design
And Development

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User Product Design Strategy

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High Server Security Solutions

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Company History

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Our Team


The Team

Something knows About Team

Our team consists of accomplished leaders, industry professionals, and the best consultants and executive coaches. Our strategy is scientific, collaborative, and tailored to your particular requirements and objectives.
To produce the best results for our clients, our team combines networks and a wealth of knowledge from many industries. We have a group of highly qualified, devoted, and driven people who are experts in our individual core fields. We operate in a demanding atmosphere where our experts have regular training opportunities and access to a system that keeps them informed of new developments.

Frank M. Perez
Senior IT Specialist
Marsha C. Wood
Web Developer
Kim M. McCabe
Product Designer
Dexter H. Wilson
CEO & Founder

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